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You will need two plug-ins to interact with the media in this Web site. If you haven't already, please download your free copy of QuickTime™ Player or Acrobat Reader™. Links to obtain these plug-ins are available at the bottom of this page.

To view the the QuickTime™ videos, click, hold and drag your mouse around in the movie image. Visit the hotspots and supplementary links to learn more about life on the Fox Family Farm. To obtain enlargements of the photos, please click on the individual photos as they occur. There is no audio accompanying the movies.

If you are using a modem connection, or have reduced bandwidth capabilities, there will be a short delay as some of the larger graphics and PDF files are downloaded to your computer. The pages can be enlarged and viewed within Acrobat Reader™ or you can choose to direct the page to your printer and view it in that manner.

Full transcripts of the text contained in the WebQuest tour are available so that you can read about the Fox Family Farm without going through the guided video tour.

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