Pardon for Henry A. Middleton by President Andrew Johnson "for taking part in the late rebellion," May 1865

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After the Civil War, President Andrew Johnson, in an effort to speed up reconciliation with the South, pardoned prominent southerners who agreed to take an oath of loyalty to the United States, never to own slaves, and to pay all debts. This pardon is for H. A. Middleton of Charleston, South Carolina.


Pardon of H.A. Middleton by Andrew Johnson.  Middleton Family papers.  Call #12/162/2.  South Carolina Historical Society, Charleston, South Carolina.

Correlating SC Social Studies Academic Standards:

Standard USHC 8-4: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the impact of Reconstruction on the people and government of South Carolina.

Indicator 8-4.2 Summarize Reconstruction in South Carolina and its effects on daily life in South Carolina, including the experiences of plantation owners, small farmers, freedmen, women, and northern immigrants.

Note: Although this document was originally posted as part of a lesson specifically designed to teach the above standard, other Social Studies Standards may apply.


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